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Easy Teach
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Set of 27 Embedded Specimen

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These new embedded specimen are renowned for their unique and fine quality. Only the finest specimen are selected for production - each must be perfect or it can not be used. Strict quality control is exercised over the entire production processes. There are two main sources for our insects - some are farm raised while others are acquired from the Pest Control Program in China. We never hunt or capture any item. Each specimen is carefully prepared before being encased in an indestructible, transparent acrylic block. An ideal learning aid for students each set comes in its own tough, latched carrying case. # Common Name Scientific Name 1- Chafer Beetle Anomala Cuprea Hope 2- Lady bug Synonycha grandis (Thunberg) 3- Mole Cricket Gryllotalpa orientalis Burmeister 4- Praying Mantis Hierodula petellifera (Serville) 5- Paper Wasp Polistes olivaceus (De Geer) 6- Honey bee Apis cerana 7- Ant Pheidologeton latinodus Zhou et Zeng 8- Dung beetle Catharsius molossus (Linnaeus) 9- Rhinoceros beetles Xylotrupes Gideon (Linnaeus) 10- Monarch Danaus genutia (Cramer) 11- Long-horned Beetle Anoplophora chinensis (Forster) 12- Cicada Cryptotympana atrata (Fabricius) 13- Shield bug Eusthennes cupreus (Westwood) 14- Wespspin Spider Argiope bruennichii (Scopoli) 15- Dragonfly Brochythemis coutaminata 16- Cricket Teleogryllus emma (Ohmachi et Mastsumura) 17- Cockroach Periplaneta australasiae (Fabricius) 18- Scorpion Urodaus novae-hollandiae 19- Centipede Scolopendra 20- Walking stick Diapheromera femorata 21- Onion Fly Delia antqua Meigen 22- Chinese shrimp Penaeus chinensis (Osbeck) 23- Silkworm Bombyx mandarina moore 24- Crab Nectocarcinus intigrifrons 25- Star fish Asterias amurensis Lutken 26- Grasshopper Catantops splendens 27- Stag beetle Odontolabis cuvera fallaciosa

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