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Easy Teach
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Nursing Anne Manikin without SimPad (cannot be upgraded to SimPad version)

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Nursing Anne is a manikin designed for scenario-based training for the care and management of a wide variety of in-hospital patients. Nursing Anne is an efficient, effective, flexible manikin for clinical training in women&#x2018 -s health, obstetrics, post-partum, wound assessment and care, and general patient assessment and care.
Product Benefits:
- Educationally effective for in-hospital training targeting key skills for in-hospital care including women&#x2018 -s health, obstetrics, post-partum care, wound assessment and care, and general patient care
- Economical and educationally efficient skills and scenario based trainer
- Durable, rugged and lifelike - made to withstand years of use
- Flexible manikin platform allows multiple accessory modules to be added for use in multiple clinical settings
Product Features:
- Head with anatomical landmarks, can be used for ear or eye irrigation, application of medication in eye, ear, nose, as well as mouth and tooth care.
- Manually operated carotid pulse
- trachea and esophagus with simulated lungs and stomach allow the practice of many procedures, including NG, OG, tracheal care and suctioning
- Different procedures for oxygen administration
- stomach lavage
- Articulating IV arm allows for practice of IV cannulation, medication administration, and site care and maintenance
- Practice medication dose calculations and administration through intramuscular injections at the deltoid, gluteal, ventrogluteal, and thigh sites
- Exchangeable belly covers with colostomy and ileostomy, access for suprapubic catheters
- exchangeable male and female genitals for catheterization
- enema practice
Optional modules can be added for breast examination, post-surgical mastectomy care, fundus massage skills, and assessment and care of wounds and surgical incisions.

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