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Easy Teach
Noelle Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator with PEDI Blue Neonate
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Noelle Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator with PEDI Blue Neonate

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Designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery.
- articulating full-body female manikin
- intubatable airway with chest rise
- IV arm for meds/
- removable stomach cover
- practice C-section and forceps delivery
- practice Leopold maneuvers
- multiple fetal heart sounds
- automatic birthing system
- measure head descent and cervical dilation
- multiple placenta locations
- replaceable dilating cervices
- practice postpartum suturing on three vulval inserts
- one articulating birthing baby with placenta and PEDI Blue Neonatal Simulator
Comes with PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkinT technology. The PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator has the unique ability to change colour based upon an initial pre-selected condition and the effectiveness of airway ventilation and chest compression provided. A Code Blue® monitor, containing a small computer, observes ventilations and compressions and determines whether they meet or exceed
conventional neonatal CPR standards. If acceptable, the monitor causes the skin to turn to a more healthy color. If ventilations and
compressions are determined to be inadequate or nonexistent, the monitor causes the skin to turn toward an ominous blue color. The newborn is intubatable, umbilical catheterisation and IO access can be performed. The simulator comes with four umbilical cords, four dilating cervices, two umbilical clamps, three vulva for postpartum suturing, neonatal monitor, power supply, connecting cables, talcum
powder, water-soluble silicone lubricant, instruction manual, and carrying bag.
Weight: 50 kg

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